My Teaching Philosophy

Becoming a teacher, I have learned, is much more than planning.  Teaching is being flexible, and being responsive to my learners.  Teaching is in the moment and I believe that sometimes the greatest lessons taught are the spontaneous ones!  I believe teaching is synonymous with caring and compassion, and I believe that sometimes the subject matter has to take a back seat to real life.

I believe that as a teacher, it is imperative that I am always learning and developing new skills so I can instill that knowledge in my students.  I am very passionate about using technology to connect with students.  I believe that our schools can benefit from teaching and learning with technology.

I believe that being an educator is more than reciting things in the curriculum as students sit quietly and listen.  To be an effective teacher, I believe I need to teach in the way my students learn.  Being an effective educator is having the ability to understand other cultures, and being able to embrace and include the differences.  Education is the ability to be empathetic to other people’s situations, and helping those people succeed in spite of their situations.

To me, education is combining all of these beliefs in order to inspire youth to achieve their greatness.


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