It’s the final prototype post!

This semester, we joined forces in order to stretch our thinking and create a blended learning prototype for grade 2 students.  

The journey was a long, hard, rocky one, with many ups, downs and even a few ‘AHAs’!

In the beginning, we knew we wanted to focus on younger students, so we set our sights on Grade 2.

Which learning management system was best for our prototype was a question that we spent a lot of time considering and debating, before we eventually settled on Weebly.

This decision ultimately led us to our Grade 2 Science Weebly page.

Within our Weebly, you will find a Course overview page which discusses our rationale as well as how we expect the course would run.

The development of this course did not come easily, and we had many discussions surrounding things such as:



Below you will find our responses to the feedback we received:





5 thoughts on “It’s the final prototype post!

  1. Amy I love how you choose to do your feedback with a screencast, so creative. I found the feedback from other classmates so helpful in making small changes to improve the look and feel of the prototypes. Great post!!

    1. Thanks Chalyn! Screen cast seemed fitting given what we were responding to. I actually think it would have been more work to respond in writing to the feedback! The input from classmates was definitely helpful in seeing oversights/ things that may not have been as clear as we thought!

  2. We did ours as a screencast too Amy! It was genius. We were able to get together over the lunch hour and do it together. I agree that the feedback was super helpful! I also found it really helpful to see what others did because I noticed areas where we could have improved ours.

  3. Just listened to both of your responses. I thought they were thorough,as is your prototype. I commented on Nicole’s blog as well, that I think it’s great that anyone who wants to use your modules have a place to contact you and express interest or pose questions. Well done.

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