‘Cause I gotta have faith (faith, faith)

I’m taking my lead from my classmate, Liz this week (so you can thank her for the catchy song that may be stuck in your head now)!

Next is my ode to being a Grad student who has a “big, unknown” project to complete: 

Made with Storyboard That

(and it seems as though Logan can relate to the multitude of emotions experienced throughout this project)!

Just as Liz mentions in her blog, for Nicole and I, this week is about going over the finer details of our project.  Do the links work, are the right things opening as needed?

In addition to that, I’ve had to try to have ‘faith’ that Nicole and I have accomplished what we set out to do:

Plan a blended Science unit for Grade 2 students in Saskatchewan!

I’m not going to lie, there has been a lot of discussions, PLN polling, texting, researching, (and maybe a little bit of worrying) that has gone into creating this module.

Given that my ‘canvas’ was kind of blank to start (in regards to teaching an online/blended class), I am working to suppress the urge to add more and expand on what we’ve done!

In addition to having ‘faith’ that we’ve planned a blended Science Unit for grade 2, I need to remind myself that we followed a logical planning process with good pedagogy, and a purpose (read: the LMS was chosen after much discussion and consideration, we planned what our site would include/not include and why…just to name a few).  So I will trust and have faith that not only is our module ‘good enough’, it is in fact a really good example of what blended learning can (and does) look like at a grade 2 level!

Looking forward to seeing what has been developed and created for all levels of learners through this class!

and just in case you missed it…you gotta have


10 thoughts on “‘Cause I gotta have faith (faith, faith)

  1. Your Cartoon is on point! This is exactly how I feel! I am really looking forward to see how you incorporated blended learning for your Grade 2’s. Also thank you for the video … now the song is stuck in my head as well.

  2. Haha love the song, and LOVE the cartoon! I was so confidant mid-way through, and now I am second-guessing EVERYTHING! I am actually really looking forward to just handing this project in so I don’t have to tweak it anymore! I am particularly excited to see how you have put together an online course for the younger grades – the elaboration of such a project is beyond me, so I can’t wait to see how you guys have put it together. I also keep thinking about how you are almost done your Masters as well… what an exciting time! Looking forward to the next few (and last!) weeks with you!

    1. Well I’m starting to think the second guessing thing is just the sign of educators who are really trying to push themselves into new areas of learning- the uncertainty has got to be signs of us working to ensure we are doing the best we can for our students… so I guess we should get comfortable in the uncomfortable space!

      Honestly, the fact that we are nearing the end of this course (and the completion of my program) I’ve actually got mixed emotions. (don’t get me wrong, having free time again is going to be amazing). It’s really all of the learning (from classes and other amazing educators) that I’m sad to ‘leave’… twitter will help, but I have a suspicion that I won’t leave university life behind for long!

      Thanks for your comments Liz!

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