Do I have the ‘Audacity?

In reality, learning content and skills development will often be integrated in any learning process. Nevertheless, when deciding on technology use, it is useful to make a distinction between content and skills. –Teaching in a Digital Age, Tony Bates

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As I pondered this weeks readings along side my impending group project as well as my final reflection, there are many questions swirling around in my head about what the most appropriate tool for the jobs are.  Additionally, it is important to consider the things I am trying to convey, and what I will need to learn to effectively utilize the tool(s) I choose and to develop the content I require.

Some other things I had to consider when I was choosing the tool this week, was what would I do if I was creating an online course in a low bandwidth situation?  I did some reading, and I found this article, which seemed to indicate that an audio file requires less bandwidth than video.  This was something I hadn’t previously thought about but does seem like a good option if there are issues (I’m thinking for rural areas) with the bandwidth availability.

I found Audacity and assumed it was for creating pod-casts.  Pod-casts have never appealed to me before, I understand the concept, but I guess for me as a listener, radio has always been sufficient.  As a creator, I’ve always thought “Why make a recording, when I could make a video?”  Now I see that there are logical applications for pod-casts.  That being said, Audacity can be used for so much more… it is a audio editing platform that has applications in education, music, as well as pod casts (and probably many more things I haven’t considered).



For this reason, deeper understanding of a concept or an idea is often the result of the integration of content derived from a variety of media sources (Mayer, 2009). Teaching in a Digital Age, Tony Bates

Although I used to turn my back on Audio creation formats, I can now see that for course creation, there is definitely a place to include such things.  As well, if we are considering this from a student-developed thing, it would be user friendly, and give them another outlet to create and learn within.

As I mentioned in my recording, there are countless how to videos available online to teach all of the specific ranges of this tool (and I would argue their production quality is much better than mine!)  Have a watch, and see how easy this tool is to use:


10 thoughts on “Do I have the ‘Audacity?

  1. Thanks for sharing Amy! Looks like it’s much more than just a simple audio recording application. I am planning on creating a pod cast of an interview I’m doing for a mini lesson in my project. I might have to give Audacity a try myself.

    1. No Problem Ashley – It really is straight forward to use for the basics, I think mixing and re-mixing tracks take a little more know how, but the capability is definitely there. I would recommend it for ease of use for something like an interview!

  2. First of all – catchy title – i like it. Good to think about an audio recording requiring less bandwidth. I have used Audacity for a group project in EC&I 830 – we used the audio file created in Audacity to lay over the visuals created in Powtoon. I wouldn’t recommend it as it was not an easy process. But it looks like using Audacity for the sole purpose of creating an audio file works great – will keep it in mind. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks Angela! Yes, I didn’t get into the ‘trickier’ edits when I used it, just straightforward recording – however, it is good to know that it becomes more complex when doing an overlay, as I am considering this tool to use in conjunction with my reflection of learning! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Amy! I found it really cool that you vlogged this week. I’ve thought about replying to my comments in video form, but have never really gotten comfortable enough to try it out. I did do a screencast last week (that I failed to post on my blog for technical reasons), and I think it was a good transition as it only introduced audio into the equation. You raised some great questions about the availability of technology and other technical factors we sometimes forget to consider. Anyway, your vlog inspired me to take the next step and hopefully try it out for myself next time. Thanks for the great post and for all your questions on my blog! T

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