Can we go the distance -online?

Finally got to do a vlog!  Have a look and let me know your thoughts…




That is, we needn’t all simply be on the receiving end of some computer-mediated instruction, some teacher-engineering. We can construct and create and connect for ourselves. – Audrey Watters


12 thoughts on “Can we go the distance -online?

  1. Great Vlog Amy! I think you have inspired me to try one. It would be good timing as this is all about trying something new. I agree with you that online learning does give you a deeper understanding of the content being taught. It requires students to be independent and collaborative at the same time. I also believe we as students must take more responsibility for our learning. Again great reflection:)

    1. Thanks Benita!

      Vlogs are a nice way to change it up from a blog. Sometimes writing takes painstakingly long while I’m trying to come up with ‘just the right words’. For the vlog I just write out some key points and I’m able to explain my thoughts! I’d recommend giving it a try if you haven’t.

  2. Great post, Amy–really liking the Vlog idea, I will have to be brave and try one out. Too funny, I do the same thing as you and Erin with writing on Microsoft Word then copying my work onto Google Docs. As someone who never really viewed themselves as ‘techy’, this class has ‘forced’ me to take responsibility for my learning (like Benita said above) and put in the time to educate myself about blogging on WordPress, tweeting classmates, and utilizing the great extensions on Google. As always, looking forward to hearing your thoughts next week!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Tyson!

      As far as working in Word and saving to Google Docs goes – at the beginning of the semester I was reminded of what can happen when you’ve got a great assignment saved on your computer and it stops working (happened to someone I know- thankfully not me). I started double saving (word and then docs), and now I wonder if I’m over-doing it (haha).

      I would absolutely recommend giving vlogging a try – if you have any questions just ask, it’s a fairly straightforward process, sometimes publishing it can be tricky depending on the movie platform you are using. Looking forward to reading/listening to it!

  3. I liked your vlog Amy. Great point about how we are still using textbooks almost 100 years after Edison’s prediction that we would stop, and great question asking how we can ensure that we are not being stagnant. I have seen some “online” textbooks that are required of university students, and they are horrible. They are basically pdfs of the physical textbook, which are difficult to navigate and read. I know there are so many formats out there that are so much better than that, even just linking to pertinent articles like we do in this class is way better that the pdfs. I think we just have to ask ourselves what we are trying to accomplish by using the Internet and technology, and make sure we are being as student-focused as possible.

  4. Hi Amy, Let me know how you make out with only saving documents in one place! I’m a “double-saver”, too :). Over only just started using Google Drive, Google Docs etc. since beginning this course. I’m enjoying using them, but I still like to have files saved on USBs or on my hard drive. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks!

    1. Quite frankly- I’m not used to it, and I’m not sure I trust technology enough to just have one copy- I may revert to computer copy and cloud copy. Better to be safe than sorry I think!

      1. That’s how I feel, too. Two teachers, good resources are like gold. I lost a lot of files when an old laptop died, and then again, when a USB crashed. I refuse to let that happen again! How can we be certain that Sunday, the cloud won’t just disappear? Does Google own the cloud? Will they start charging me for storage? Do I have storage limits? There are just too many unknowns for me.

      2. They definitely have storage limits, and as for charging, I don’t think they’d give up the perks they get from offering free accounts to us (all the information they are mining). As for the cloud disappearing, I don’t think we should ever consider technology infallible- having a mindset like that makes me think of the Titanic… I agree with you Nancy, I don’t want to chance losing my valuable resources (and homework)!

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