Amy who? And the wheel of WHAT?!

photo via Alan O’Rourke on Flickr


My name is Amy, and you can find out a little more about what makes me tick on my ‘about me’ page, or via my twitter profile (@asingh2).

You’ll hear a lot from me this semester, partially because I’m not really good at stopping myself if I’m fired up, and partially (well mostly) because I’m still reeling from the unfortunate encounter with the “wheel of terror” from EC&I832 thanks to Alec and Katia (they thought it would be fun) mine was the first name ‘randomly chosen’ – I still have nightmares.


created by @asingh2

I digress.

I love what I do!  My role as a teacher-librarian means that I work to be “technology literate” so I can share my knowledge with those in my school (both students and teachers).  The last several months I have had the privilege of learning from and with Katia and Alec and my peers, and as such, my understanding of what educational technology is, and what that means for classrooms is constantly evolving.

Looking forward to a great semester learning with all of you!



14 thoughts on “Amy who? And the wheel of WHAT?!

  1. I look forward to hearing more from you this semester Amy! I really enjoying hearing your thoughts last semester. Keep speaking up so we can avoid that wheel of terror!

    1. Thanks Erin! I was excited to see so many familiar faces last night too- I’m really
      Looking forward to another great semester with so many awesome classmates!

  2. Oh the wheel of terror! You took it in stride, Amy, and your ability to share your opinions openly and clearly was very helpful last semester. I look forward to reading more of your insightful blogs and hearing more from you during the classes this term!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I am looking forward to working with you on our debate. It should be interesting.
    Nice use of the meme! I think we are going to get along splendidly.

  4. Great post Amy. In my experience, teacher-librarians play a critical role in helping teachers and students develop their own personal technological literacy. Looking forward to learning from your experiences.

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