C’est un semaine pauvre

I really thought I would get further along this week than I have (to this point).  Truth be told I spent a lot of time with my extended family at the start of the break, and I have now spent the majority of the second half with my children (also, managed to get some time to work on my summary of learning).

That being said, I managed to keep up with or surpass my Duolingo goals this week!  I have been struggling to ‘maintain’ full strength on each unit everyday.  Even with surpassing my goals most days, there have been bars that I have not ‘filled’  which is somewhat discouraging.


In addition to this, my fluency has once again stagnated seemingly regardless of how much I am doing or how accurate I am (there have been no 200 question lessons as there was when I started).

I have found myself inconsistently in my vehicle this week, so while I was listening to (and understanding!) it sometimes – it certainly was not as much or as often as I would have liked!  So, to combat missing my ‘driving time french’ I will supplement with a french show/song that I can listen to/decode/ (and maybe even sing along with)!

*As an aside if you read the comments on her video – I have opted to replace “Hello” with “Allo” as it seems more acceptable, I believe that “Salut” would also work in its place.  Alas, this was practice for me, there will be no video of me singing Sarah’s cover of Adele this week!


On a positive note, I got onto Mango again this week!  I got through a couple of lessons, and it was one space I felt successful in this week.  As Elizabeth mentioned in her blog this week, Mango was really helpful in building the sentences and making sense of the tenses (although it does take a lot of time, to get to that point).  Another item to note is that taking a placement test isn’t really helpful to skip ahead as you miss some of the important pieces of conjugation and tenses.  Also,  I enjoyed some of the cultural notes that were incorporated into the lessons:

I will definitely keep this in mind in July!

This note was of special importance to me, and I will be sure to watch for “Soldes” signs!

I have not been as successful as some of my classmates in finding language specific resources on Twitter, but one thing that has been helpful to me is @frenchetc on Twitter, they tweet many different phrases and how they are used with practice pieces.  I am enjoying the ‘pop up mini french lessons’ when they show up in my feed.  For example today I learned about being stuck in traffic:

For the week ahead, I am going to work to spend more of my learning time on Mango, and just maintain my goal of 50xp per day on Duolingo.  I also plan to continue listening to French radio, as I find listening to the language in a conversational context very helpful.  I will also be seeking out additional french conversations this week.  Lastly, I am going to practice 1-2 read aloud books this week as well!



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