Je parler francais aujourd’hui!

Cette semaine était médiocre.

I tried to follow the same plan that I worked with last week – but apparently life has been different this week, and that must be the prevailing factor!

I had a 14 day streak going with Duolingo (until last night) when my eyes wouldn’t stay open beyond the second lesson… this is what happens when my father-in-law comes to visit, and you get to enjoy an authentic curry chicken meal!

IMG_2213 (1)
Yes, this picture is sideways – but it was yummy!

I digress.  I have been listening to French radio consistently.  I had several french conversations this week.  I read french stories again this week (video below).  I was not able to spend any time on mango this week (although there is still a chance I will get on it today).

I’ve noticed with Duolingo that while I pushed myself to get through several new ‘units’ of words last week, my ‘learned’ units are not maintaining their strength for very long, so even if I go beyond my 5 lessons a day there are still units which require ‘practice’.  This becomes a point of frustration for me, as I feel less successful when there is ‘uncompleted’ work.  I think this would be the reason for me not getting to Mango for the week – as I am more inclined to ‘finish’ the units then to move on to Mango when there is still work to do on Duolingo.  For me- this is what makes Duolingo a great learning tool.  As long as you are a motivated learner (and someone like me who tends to be one of those perfectionist ‘I need to finish my work’) kind of people, the app  does a great job of ‘drawing you in’ on a daily basis (which is what research will tell you is required to effectively learn a language).

I still have not ‘increased’ my fluency from 45%, which really has me questioning what the algorithm requires.  Perhaps I am consistently getting less answers correct than I perceive!

Regardless of what percentage I’m at – I have noticed an increase in what I am able to de-code and since the ‘singing’ fiasco of last week, I have been taking more chances in the french phrases I am speaking!  For example, this week I created my title completely on my own, without the help of Google Translate (I did double check the spelling of aujourd’hui), I also did the first sentence (This week was mediocre) on my own (I did have to look up ‘was’).   Lastly, I understood a large percentage of the read-aloud book I read for the week (and it’s not as familiar to me as the previous read-alouds I’ve completed)!



I see progress in myself, so I am going to keep up with the same plan I’ve had for the last few weeks (50xp goal in Duolingo, French conversations, french radio, french books, and I WILL get on to Mango more consistently over the next week!)

So, until next week…

Merci mes amis, a bientot!

3 thoughts on “Je parler francais aujourd’hui!

  1. WOW Amy! 45% is an incredible achievement, as is a 14-day streak on DuoLingo! I am in awe of your work ethic and your improvement thus far. It is making me push myself to do more DuoLingo, to practice more, and to be more consistent with my own learning progress. Keep up the great work!

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