Ma semaine en francais

Why did I say I would sing a Disney show tune?!  A quoi je pensais?

This week I would say I’ve managed to stay on track.  With Duolingo, I’ve managed to maintain an eight day streak!  Additionally, I was successful with almost six new ‘units’!  Sadly, even though I have managed to maintain the streak and learn a significant chunk of new words en francais – I’ve stagnated at 45% fluency.  While I’m not really hung up on how ‘fluent’ Duolingo says I am, based on my passed experience, I thought I had figured out what caused that number to fluctuate – now, I’m unsure.

I was also able to successfully initiate a few new phrases into my french conversations with a friend this week, I was also able to ask a few questions and sort out some french phrases I was unsure of.  Of note this week: I participated in, and understood a conversation that lasted roughly 4 exchanges each (woo-hoo)!

 Non, je ne l’ai pas oublié sur le chant

I consistently listened to french radio again, and I think I am noticing a difference in the French I am learning versus the French that I hear on CBC radio, additionally I am understanding more words in their conversations, as well as getting the ‘gist’ of their topics more frequently (yay)!

I was able to get on to Mango again this week, and I am slowly chipping away at the different units on the app.  I am really enjoying the ability to use common phrases with the app, and as I work through the ‘base’ vocabulary with Duolingo I think I will transition to more time on Mango as I am betting it will help my conversational french immensely.

I have also practiced reading en francais to my children again this week.  I was practicing with the book Tourbillon d’emotions this week (look for the read aloud coming next week, as this week, I’ve committed to -ahem- singing).

As for next week, I think I’ve maintained a consistent plan this week, and I’d like to aim for the same goal next week as I’ve felt so successful.  I will try and get a few more books to read aloud for the week, as I’m most successful and confident with those resources when I am speaking the language.



Etes-vous toujours la?

Without further adieu, mes debut en chantant en francais (this seemed like such a good idea last week when Genna killed it, but now it’s me, and it’s here, and I’m really nervous about it.) Although I have to agree with Genna, I do believe it is really helpful with the fluency piece and it will likely improve pronunciation as well.  I will also say I had to search long and hard for a Disney song that wasn’t too fast, too long or too complicated – hopefully you can understand me!

One last disclaimer – I decided to use a new video editor this week to see if I could amp up my ‘game’, this is an area I need more practice in – so it does not have a lot of bells and whistles (but it’s done)!

13 thoughts on “Ma semaine en francais

  1. Wow Amy! Looks (and sounds) like you have had a lot of practice this week. This week has been another terrible week for me. It seems I have one fantastic week and then let it go by the wayside. There are days like today that I just can’t seem to find 20 minutes to myself to practice until the end of the day. But by the end of the day my mind is so fried that I cannot seem to focus enough to practice. I make silly mistakes and it just defeats the purpose. Great job finding the time to practice everyday!

    1. Thanks a lot Ashley!

      Aren’t you a mom of two little ones?? They take a lot of work (and they don’t always sleep well) and that is huge- don’t be so hard on yourself – Rome wasn’t built in a day 😉 I’m lucky to be at a point with my children that they go to bed consistently at the same time each night, and for the most part, they sleep through it too. Do your lessons when you can, don’t beat yourself up over it- maybe move your goal to 30xp a day so you can feel more successful with less pressure? We’re making progress – and there’s a light at the end of this tunnel!

    1. Thanks Adam – it doesn’t always feel like I’m making progress, but last week I was certainly content with what I was able to do!

    1. I believe it was called youcam. It was an app that came pre-loaded on my personal laptop, my daughter was playing with it before I started recording and she inspired me to try it.

      It has some cool effects and features, a lot of this was over my head (I bet had I asked my daughter for help she would have been able to do it). It is pretty user friendly- but for the time constraint of this week’s post I wasn’t able to do as much as I would have liked.

  2. Well done Amy! I am really impressed with how you kept up with that song. I know you mentioned that most songs were too fast to learn, but even that one sounded very fast for me. Not only did you learn the pronunciation, but you sang very expressively, telling the story of the song. Did you learn the song by ear, by reading the text along while singing, or with a combination of both?

    1. Haha – initially I didn’t think the song was too fast, but in trying to record it- I changed my mind!

      I had a video of the song in the French arrangement as well as the translated words (this video was produced using three devices simultaneously). I would say it was a combination of both- I started by listening to the song, then I did some singing with the words and no music – lastly I transitioned to singing with the words (that was when I realized I was pretty far off)- so this was the most predominant type of practice!

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