You can ‘take’ the language away from the Librarian…

ou: Vous pouvez prendre la langue loin de le bibliothécaire…

I’m not sick anymore!  It was a long 10 days, but I think I can say I’m ‘better’.  So excited to have a little break from the hectic daily schedule right now and to be able to better focus on my project!

Some successes from this week – I was on a 9 day streak of meeting or exceeding my french practice goal on Duolingo!  I had three fairly successful conversation with one of my French speaking friends, and I practiced reading some french picture books.

Another positive of the week, was my fluency finally improved!  I’m apparently up to 17% fluency, and on level 10 (not that I’m sure what either of those mean)!

A couple of adjustments I’m planning to make for my project:  I will write out lists of new verbs and their different conjugations.  I will continue to read french stories to work on my fluency and understanding.

I also realized two things last night when I was working on my Duolingo lessons:

  1. When you are practicing previous skills and you are inaccurate, the lesson gets longer (this led me to understand why I had a lesson with 200 questions last week).
  2. I am not having very much luck with the ‘negatives’ lessons (ne, n’, pas, rien, jamais, pas du tout, ne veux plus, non plus, ne peux plus, ne sais plus, ne peut plus, ni, plus de, il n’y a).

This week, I am going to try and focus on the ‘negative’ phrases- anyone have some tips, or a good online place for focused practice on this skill?  I will also continue reading french story books, and get a new DuoLingo streak going!  If there’s some extra time because of the break, I will try and test out a few of the different apps that have been recommended by some of my fellow classmates such as Ashley.

Jusqu’à la semaine prochaine,mes amis , bonne chance avec vos projets!


4 thoughts on “You can ‘take’ the language away from the Librarian…

  1. For the negatives, ne and pas always go together. You need both to negate the phrase. Ex: “Je peux” means “I can,” whereas “je ne peux pas” means “I can’t.” Not sure if that makes sense…

  2. I am also having trouble with my verbs and the endings for Italian. It’s definitely not easy to learn a language. I feel like I know a lot of words, but I don’t know the language.

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