C’est le vive! Or should I say Life Happens?

Well – it’s been an interesting week.  While I was able to implement most of my project plans (listening to French radio while in my vehicle, achieving my 50xp goal on duo-lingo, “speaking” french with a friend 3x per week) I still have yet to label things with sticky notes.  Additionally, in thinking like a literacy teacher- I decided that reading books (admittedly picture books) en Francais would probably help in my understanding as well as my fluency in speaking french.  So I’ve added that to my french learning sphere as well!

I am also lacking on my video blog for the week- as my title elicits, Life Happened, and I got sick.  I’m calling it a cold while it’s more than likely a flu that has been making its rounds in my school.


made by @asingh2


As such – I’m not in any position to video myself this week, but I’m excited to share a video next week that I’ve already got planned!

I did learn a couple of new things this week and I am wondering if others using the Duolingo app have had this experience as well:  I often do my lessons on my phone because it’s convenient so I can work on it any time that I have free time.  This past week, however I hadn’t been able to complete all of my lessons before class, and I thought I may as well complete the lessons on my computer after class Tuesday.  I was shocked by how different the lesson length is.  When doing a “practice weak skills” lesson, there were 200 questions (and that only accounted for 10xp)  I worked on it for 2 hours following class and only made it through 3 lessons- not achieving my goal for the day – and ending my 11 day streak.

However, that left me wondering if doing lessons on the computer is more beneficial to my learning?  Is that part of the reason my fluency level is stagnant?  This week I’m going to make an effort to practice skills I need to ‘revisit’ on my phone, but spend time every day on the computer to learn the ‘new’ lesson and see if I notice a difference.

I’m also noticing I have difficulty in ordering the words appropriately when converting from French to English- I always put the ‘de/le…” in the wrong place.  Additionally I’ve noticed that there are words like “Lit” which can mean read or bed, and I think the key for that is whether a “ce” or “le” precedes it- however I’m still not 100% on that!

Before I sign off, I’m going to add my “word wall” of new to me French words I learned this week:

My New French Words

Until we meet again… A bientot!

7 thoughts on “C’est le vive! Or should I say Life Happens?

    1. Mon erreur! Excuse et moi 🙂
      J’ai une questione- how do you type using the French accents?
      I’ve tried downloading the French language dictionary so it would recognize French words (which hasn’t helped) but how do I get the accents?!

      1. The easiest way is to add a language by going into control panel>keyboard>add language>add French (Can). Then you can toggle back and forth between the French and English keys. I would look it up on google to find the layout since the keys change in French…

  1. First off…I LOVE your meme. Although I don’t like that you have been fighting off a cold or flu. I have also been fighting a cold which has now turned to an annoying itchy cough. Guess it’s that time of year. I have used both the Duolingo app and the computer but I haven’t found the computer to be that much longer or different. I haven’t found them to improve my skills any more or less. I wonder if it’s different depending on the language you are studying? I’m guessing it shouldn’t. Regardless that’s a long time to be reviewing/strengthening skills. Maybe there were just that many that had to be reviewed? I will be very discouraged if that happens to me along the way. I have been using Babbel this week and I used Mango last week. I think at this point if I had to rank them I would rank them in the order of Mango, Babbel and then Duolingo. I feel like Duolingo is a little more random in their sentences and it just seems to be throwing words together to make sentences for the purpose of learning words. Babbel and Mango seem to be a little more realistic. Have you tried any other apps or sites?

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post and burst out laughing at your meme! First, I sure hope you’re feeling better and have beat this awful flu/cold dropping teachers in their tracks! I think your idea of reading French children’s literature is a fantastic idea. Maybe you could make a vlog of reading a children’s story and then completing a book talk in French?

    And I can relate to your “not in a position to make a video” state. As I sit in my ninja turtle onesie, I think my video will have to wait this time!

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