Je suis Amy- it’s a start

So this language learning thing – is kind of full of ups and downs!

I started the language journey by using Duolingo and assessing my skills with their test:


I was pretty excited following the test – 25% fluent was much higher than I anticipated, the excitement was short lived.

So, I’ve clearly gone down in my skills – and I’m not sure how that happened, as I thought I was completing a placement test to start.  Lastly, I managed to pull this one off:


Needless to say- I’m feeling a little lost about my progress.  It’s promising, and if nothing else, I’m already feeling more confident as I progress through the lessons.

I honestly didn’t have much of a checklist set up for myself (which is really poor goal planning on my part), however, after engaging with a few of my classmates blogs this week, I have to thank Genna and Elizabeth for some pointers and ideas. So here goes:

Mon plan de match pour parle en Francais (I checked this with Google translate – and I think I got it right)

  • Continue to reach goal of 50xp points (or the insanity plan as they call it) for Duolingo daily (I am currently at Level 8)
  • Employ Elizabeth’s tricks for sorting out the tricky gendered words with pink and blue sticky notes
  • Share my learning via Twitter with my own hashtag (I never would have thought of that without you Genna!)
  • Initiate conversations (very brief to start) a minimum of 3 times a week (to start) with friends who speak French and/or my daughter
  • I will vlog in french (mainly french) to update my progress throughout the course
  • I will add a “word wall” type feature to my blog post weekly, to talk about the new vocabulary I am learning
  • I will also start listening to French radio on my drives to and from work each day


10 thoughts on “Je suis Amy- it’s a start

  1. I like your plan Amy! I am currently working out my plan to manage my progress today as well! Maybe you should create a pre, mid, and post assessment or checklist for yourself as the app might not be as accurate as you thought? or maybe your daughter could complete an assessment on you? Seems like you have a great start though! Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Kristina – an assessment checklist would be a good idea, I don’t feel confident enough to create one for French though, so I think I may look for one online or consult with an expert!

  2. I love that you plan to vlog throughout the course Amy. It will definitely help document your growth throughout the semester. Maybe reward yourself with a vacation to a French speaking province/country when you meet your goals?

  3. Great job Amy! I have been working with Italian and having no background in it I am finding it hard to learn. After seeing your video I wish I would have decided to go with French to brush up on my skills. I’m feeling a little discouraged by my fluctuating 1-3% fluency on Duolingo. I have been trying to work with other sites as well so that’s probably why my fluency is fluctuating. Great idea listening to French radio in your car!

    1. Keep going Ashley! I’m hoping it will get better for you – I would have the same mentality as you, knowing language X should help with language Y. I’m sure it will cross over somewhere along the way! Good luck.

  4. Great job, Amy! You’re off to a great start. French, like any language, has some pretty funny rules and you’ll learn them as you go. Being an adult who learned French as a second language through the Institut Francais, I know that it can be tough. We didn’t have this level of technology and apps weren’t even an invention yet so you have so many advantages.

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