Learning summary (this means I’m done!)

Wow!  What a whirlwind semester – and I can’t believe we are already at the end.

I’ve been working on this summary for a while now- it was one of my classmates who brought SWAY to my attention in the Google+ community, and I knew the second I checked it out that it was a platform I was going to try for the summary.  I really liked the ease of use- the design elements were really neat because I felt like I didn’t have to play too much to make it ‘look’ nice.

I also like that this platform searches for images with Creative commons for you!

I will also note here, that upon my reflection of the class, I probably would have been better off starting with EC&I 831 and progressing to EC&I 832, instead of doing it the other way around…but hopefully doing it this was will help me to grow my technology lens even more!

Without further adieu, my learning summary:



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