Goals for the week met… kind of.

This felt like one big chaotic week!  Report cards have come and gone, but book fair had just begun, add to that my first ever Author Skype visit with 6 ‘mini-sessions’, and I was running, ALL week!

I had three goals for this week:

  1. Complete guiding documents for each of the grade groupings (K-2, 3-5, 6-9).
  2. Re-make a few of my initial resources that scream ‘rookie’ creation!
  3. Add curricular connection explanations to the outcome document.

I was able to complete the guiding documents for each grade grouping (that being said, I’ve already added to them, and had to re-upload them)!  Each grade ended up with 2-3 pages walking people through the resources, additional guiding questions and assignments as well as assessment pieces throughout. Here’s the grade 6-8 Guide: Digital Citizenship Grade6.

I was also able to add curricular connection explanations to the outcome document.  I decided to provide a general theme connection at the top of the document.  Most grades had connections with ELA, Health and Social Studies, and as such I was able to provide a theme statement and how it connects to Digital Citizenship.  (Sask curriculum digi cit links).

After reflecting about my ‘rookie’ creations and my desire to re-create them, I realized that the first module I developed was for the grade 6-9’s and I’ve actually taught a grade 7/8 class from that module already.  The response to it was positive.  So, I think I’m going to reserve my perfectionist self at the moment, and refrain from starting over.  They may be a little cheesy at times, but they were effective in sending the message they were meant to – and as such, I’m going to focus on some other aspects of my project in the next week.

I’ve been struggling with a  few things this week.  I started my project ‘from scratch’ and was determined to create my own resources.  However- as I progressed and I found some key videos that communicated things I needed to teach in a way that was different than I had (read: way better at video and animation skills than me)!  Now I’m left wondering, have I created enough?  Should I go back and ‘remix’ some of the ideas that are currently available on the wiki?

My goals this week will include figuring out if there is a balance of my creations and the creations of others, and what to replace with a creation of my own, tweaking the Introduction page, adding to/adapting the teacher information page, and making some final adjustments to hopefully make it ‘look’ prettier!

Additionally, I’ve finally opened the wiki up – it’s now public (where are the emoticons when you need them?!) I have resolved myself to understanding that it may never be ‘perfect’ or ‘complete’ for me, so, I’ve added my Creative Commons license, and have just opened it up to anyone who would like to use it (hoping of course, that someone does!)

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