It’s a never-ending saga!

My resources are ready- I think.  I’ve spent countless hours working through the continuum , and have managed to create some resources that will lead to discussions about digital citizenship.

That being said, the final project is not done- I’ve spent time this week looking for curriculum connections, and have noted outcomes for each of the grades (Kindergarten to Grade 8).  It was all that I planned on doing in regards to curriculum, but now that I am done, I feel as though I should go back and explain how teaching digital citizenship connects to these outcomes.

hourglass-29124_1280 (1)
via pixabay

Alas, my largest constraint right now is the time factor.  I still need to complete lesson ‘guides’ for each grade level.  This is really important, because right now, the things I have put together really make sense and flow (to me), but there are also additional activities and discussions that go along with the resources which aren’t in the wiki, and I think it will fall short for other people if I don’t include guides.

So my goal for the next week or so will be to:

  1. Complete guiding documents for each of the grade groupings (K-2, 3-5, 6-9).
  2. Re-make a few of my initial resources that scream ‘rookie’ creation!
  3. Add curricular connection explanations to the outcome document.

Now I just have to hope that there is enough time to get through all of this before time is up.

Penguin_questioning_by_mimooh.svg (1)
By Mimooh (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



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