If all else fails- try it with the kids, they’ll tell you what they think!

So, my work in progress has already been put to the test, I feel as though I’ve had my very own focus group!  A group of grade 7/8s can be a daunting place to start sharing a resource I have been working tirelessly to create.


The grade 6-9 resources was where I started the final project journey- I’d like to think the quality of my resources has improved (at least I hope!).  However, the response from the class has been mostly positive, and has certainly led to many great conversations as well as a successful lesson/assignment where each of the students demonstrated they were able to find and cite pictures with Creative commons (which is a win in my books).

I was also able to find a way to bring social justice into our conversation by referencing the recent media blitz surrounding Ahmed as well as the hashtag which now surrounds him and ultimately shapes his digital footprint.  It was truly amazing to see the students AHA moments as they realized the power of social media, they power of their comments/clicks, as well as the power that other people hold over individuals online.  That conversation was by far, the most rewarding piece of teaching digital citizenship to these students so far.

Now for the humbling part of using this resource!  I was so proud of my second screencast, after discovering how easy they were to make.  I shared a video with the students showing them how to sign up for and use a Pinterest account, and it turns out:

  1. No one could hear the audio (they shared that with me AFTER sitting through the whole thing)
  2. It was WAY too long, and really BORING!

I needed to be more succinct with the video, although I’m not sure how to scale back the tutorial as there are many key pieces to signing up for the account and using it.  Perhaps a shorter video showing signing up for the account and an additional video showing how to use it would be better.

If I am able to complete the other elements of the final project in time, I think I will revisit the screencast, and improve it.  The resources definitely improve the further I get through the project (I think).  That will only be determined, once I have some more students try out the younger grades!

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