Considering the final project do’s and don’ts

This week has proved productive (in the planning sense) for my final project.

I had the chance to work with VideoScribe this week – and LOVED it!  It was, by far one of the most user friendly resources, and I truly feel that this is the most ‘seemless’ and professional ‘looking’ resource I’ve been able to create so far!  It did cost me, I had to go beyond the free trial parameters, but all and all it was worth it – and I’ll be using this platform again for sure.

Check it out- and let me know what you think.

I’m working through the last two sections of the grade 3-5 continuum and developing resources for that area, but I’ve started seriously considering what the teacher section will contain.  Do I just include multiple lesson plans to coincide with the wiki space that I am developing?

Recently, I’ve been involved with several discussions which consider the possibility that teachers may not be teaching digital citizenship because of their lack of comfort or understanding of what that entails.  I’ve had colleagues liken teaching digital citizenship to teaching treaties – stating that it doesn’t happen as much as it should because teachers avoid it for fear of doing something ‘wrong’.

These conversations have me considering if lesson plans are enough?  Or, perhaps this is a space that could offer more insight for teachers about the ‘why’ of teaching digital citizenship as well as the ‘how’.

Some additional considerations I have made this week include: How do I make this practical for everyone and not just me?  Will this become a resource others want to and can use?

I am hopeful this coming week will allow for considerable ‘practical’ progress now that I have started to map out some of the logistics of it this week!

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