I’m one third done- that’s better than nothing, right??

So, after many countless hours, I *think* I have completed one-third of my project!  I’m excited about the resource I’ve created to help teach some digital citizenship pieces to our grade 6-9 students following the continuum.  The problem is, I’m always questioning if it’s enough or if it’s right- or ‘good’ enough.

The really cool part, is that I’ve already started using it with one of our grade 7/8 classrooms!  We’ve gotten through some of the Respect module, and the students really seemed to enjoy the different resources that were used!  I really appreciated seeing some of the ‘aha’ reactions of the students during the lesson.

Additionally, based on the formative assessment I incorporated with a Kahoot, it seems like the kids ‘got it’ and were engaging with the materials and discussions. (We will find out for sure this week, when we give them a creative commons search and find lesson to see if they remember how to find and cite images appropriately!)

This however, brings up an additional time for questioning my final project.  I have set up my wiki to reflect a presentation that ‘flows’ but can easily be stopped and picked up at any point (at least for me!)  I have these little activities for students to do to demonstrate their learning and understanding – but those things aren’t ‘included’ in the presentation module.  I think I haven’t included them as I don’t know of an app or software that would be appropriate to use for the lessons.

How do I make my site user friendly and interactive – but the have the ability to refresh and reset it for the next group of people to use it?

I’m also finding now that I am working ‘backwards’ in the age group category, I’m having more trouble ‘breaking it down’.  The respect module answers different questions for the different age levels.  For instance, in the grade 6-9 module, they are supposed to understand that their actions can make them an upstander instead of a bystander when it comes to cyber-bullying.  The grade 3-5 module wants them to understand that sometimes when people are online they can be bullies, and that there are things they can do to ‘deal’ with cyber-bullying.  I’m left wondering how different that is from being an ‘upstander’ and aside from listing contact information for different people and agencies they can contact – how do I engage them appropriately with this information?

2 thoughts on “I’m one third done- that’s better than nothing, right??

  1. Amy, your project sounds phenomenal. What a great resource for teachers. Very practical. I am not sure what you mean by looking for an app for your activities. Are they online activities? Or can you just upload them? I think working backwards probably works the best. I would say teaching the idea of “upstanders” to the grade 3-5 level would be very appropriate.

    1. Thanks Kristina! When I say I want an app – I’m looking for a collaborative document that I could use as an ‘assignment space’ and perhaps save after they are done, but then the document would need to be ‘clear’ for the next class I would be working with (if that makes sense). Something like a digital whiteboard or document that could be saved but wouldn’t permanently be saved on the wiki page.

      As for the upstanders thing- thanks! Those were my thoughts too, as I think if we empower children at a young age I think there is potential for there to be greater impact. Just needed someone else’s perspective because I was trying to stick so close to the continuum.

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