Making progress, but still no where near ‘done’

This week I spent many hours ‘creating’ resources for my final project.  The wiki is coming along (don’t judge- it’s really no where close to complete!)

I’ve gotten to try some really cool tools, some that I’ve worked with before- others that are new to me!  I created a presentation using PowToon, within the video I also used an ANIMOTO video- and I had to combine the whole thing and upload it to YouTube all of these tools helped me to discuss access to technology and cyber bullying.

I played around with a Voki as well (it’s currently posted to my wiki) but I find it a little creepy- so I think I may delete it and use something else to convey the same information!

Probably the two resources that I am most excited about creating this week include my first infographic using Piktochart which I used to discuss the different domain names, how to check the reliability of information found on the web and the importance of using creative commons licences when using things in research/presentation.

Lastly, I created my first screen cast ever using screencastomatic, which I posted to my wiki, which walks through the process of signing up for and using a social bookmarking site such as Pinterest to find/save resources for research and projects!

I’m starting to feel better about the resource that I am creating for the students I work with- it still needs a lot of work but I will get there!

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