Reset! Why not start the final project over?!

So, here we are, week 6 or so of class?  I was working toward gathering resources and getting things ready for my initial final project– and then it happened…

It was a regular Tuesday at school, doing my regular TL thing (searching books, co-planning with my colleagues) and sharing resources.  I sent out a simple email to my staff, sharing the Digital Citizenship in Saskatchewan Schools resource.  I explained to everyone the importance of teaching our students about digital citizenship and how there’s a really easy to follow continuum that helps us, as teachers, to teach the appropriate things to students at the appropriate times, and as I always do in my role, I offered to help develop plans or team teach these things with anyone who would like to work on it.

The response floored me!  I had multiple emails, and staff popping into the library from all grade levels asking for my help and telling me they want to work together to present the basics to their classes!

After such an overwhelming response, and having such a large amount of resources to create and compile, I’ve decided that it makes much more sense to really dig deeper into this and see what can come from it!

I’ve already started a wiki which will work to support all areas of the continuum in all of the elementary grade levels (k-8) and I have been busy creating some resources that will hopefully leads to some questioning and considering.  Here’s one of the first things I created on my own for the wiki this week:

Does this define bullying or cyber-bullying?
Does this define bullying or cyber-bullying?

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback I’d love to hear it!

One thought on “Reset! Why not start the final project over?!

  1. Great idea Amy! I think we are experiencing similar things in our role as TL. I think this project will be extremely relevant and beneficial. I look forward to seeing what you create!!

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