What’s in a platform?!?


I have decided on my final project for EC&I 832!  It’s going to be great, and wonderful, and engaging for educators (I hope!) Now all I have to do is determine the best platform to share it with.

First- let me tell you a bit about the project…

I have found a passion with social justice education, and I am also very passionate about my position as a teacher-librarian.  As such, I have decided to combine the two passions and create a social media campaign as well as a web-based resource in addition to hopefully teaming up with some great educators on Twitter in order to facilitate some discussion and create a ‘buzz’ about the things I want to share.

This campaign will aim to ‘uncover’ many forms of injustice which exist in our society (and classrooms), the site will examine the need for diverse literature within our classrooms, as well as interact with different diverse titles, book talks, spending some time examining critical literacy guides to help educators question the stories they interact with.

Now the problem…

I’m not sure what site will be most accessible and create the biggest impact – after all, there are how many sites with information accessible to people?!  How do I keep it from getting lost in the ‘shuffle’?

I’ve worked with wiki’s before and am comfortable with how they function.  There will likely be many pictures, videos, links and pages within this project – so there’s an appeal also with the way the site is set up and functions (the organization of it makes sense to me).  Is this a good choice – or am I being complacent because I ‘know’ how to use it?

I’ve done some searching for articles that had evaluated different sites, and this article offered some great options, but I’m curious about what others’ experiences have been?

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions?  What do you like best and why?

3 thoughts on “What’s in a platform?!?

  1. Combining two of your passions is a great idea Amy. I think this will keep you involved in the project long after the class is over. I have had a lot of success with http://www.weebly.com as a website builder. It is very user friendly for writing, links and videos. The only catch is that they require a yearly membership fee, and the free user account (which I use) has limited data that can be uploaded. Something to think about. Good luck with your project!

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