I’m back!

I’ve felt a significant shift in my digital presence this year – there has been a significant increase in time online as well as a shift in what I am posting and how I am doing it.  I have been back on Twitter, using social media for social justice, and I’m leery to start blogging again, as I don’t feel as though mine has the same weight (reaches as many people) as the other outlets I use.  Although, now- having watched Sherry Turkle’s TED talk, I am questioning why I’m concerned with the ‘viewer-ship’ of my blog!  I don’t think I would say that my concern for viewership comes from the “I share therefore…” perspective, I really think it is because the time that I allow myself to be online, I really want to work to be effective.  Alas, it was a great video to watch and consider, and I will continue to work to balance the use of technology in my life!

This week’s readings were interesting to me, as while I was reading the Potter article, I made so many connections to the literacy continuum while they were discussing the media literacy continuum. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the idea of the media literacy continuum – did you make any connections to students literacy abilities with media literacy?

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