How will I use/share my newfound Digital Citizenship knowledge?

What is one big take-away for you from #DCMOOC, and what will you do with that information?

After these past few weeks, I have re-learned that it doesn’t take a lot of extra time to find out about current digital tools that can be integrated into classroom use.  It was easy to fall out of the blogging routine when I don’t have questions with purpose to guide the things I’m posting.

Aside from the ‘cool tools’ and tricks that I have learned about, the most important connection I have made, is that digital citizenship doesn’t need to be taught separately from citizenship!  I always start my lessons, by breaking the term down and defining it.  I talk about what it means to be a citizen, and how we are each citizens of different communities, and how this is extending our citizenship into an online space.  I am excited to create new initial presentations for students working in an online space, and being able to show students that being in an online space is an extension of a ‘real’ space, and how the expectations for the spaces are the same.  I am also really interested in creating some form of letter that can be sent home at the beginning of the year to inform families about the tools and responsible use expectations that we as a school have.  In saying that, I’m also excited to share this information with my staff and hopefully work to develop these pieces of information with them!


Going forward, what else do you feel you need to know about digital citizenship, and what will you do to learn about it?

As far as digital citizenship goes, I think I need to really work to learn more about incorporating digital literacy within my lessons that will aid students in these areas.  My plan is to maintain a presence on Twitter, and hopefully utilize my PLN to help me to continue to learn about new tools.  I am also starting Grad classes in the fall, and I will be working to incorporate as many of digital citizenship type classes as I possibly can, as this is one of the areas that I am really passionate about as an educator!


Will you continue to stay connected and engaged with the #DCMOOC community, and, if so, how do you plan to do so? What are your suggestions for continuing to learn about and discuss digital citizenship together after the course ends?

I am always logged into my Gmail account on my phone, and I have #dcmooc notifications turned on!  I’m ready to read and respond to anything people want to share on the #dcmooc.  It seems to me that people who took part in this course will have some valuable things to share in regards to digital citizenship and I also feel that those who are interested in sharing will be interested in receiving, so I will continue to post things that I think will be useful to the people in this online community.  I’ve connected to several members on google+ as well as twitter, and I will ask questions to those willing to listen in the community and on the PLN!


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