Too(l) Legit – staying ‘ontop’ of the evolving digital world

Week 4, Question 1: As educators, how do we become and remain digitally fluent and knowledgeable about the emerging digital world that our students already embrace?

I think for teachers this really has to do with being online and having a digital identity for instance, having a PLN on twitter can lead to many new ideas and uses for technology and different apps that can be integrated into project use for students.

I find that even when I’m not ‘tweeting’ I will often go on twitter and read through the things the people in my PLN are sharing and I will find new to me things that can be incorporated into student use!

The students! Let’s not forget about the ones who are growing up in this ‘digital age’. They’ve got the devices, they’ve got time, they’ve got social networks that transmit information like wildfire- why not ask them to see what’s new and exciting?


Week 4, Question 2: What tools and strategies can we use with students to model digital citizenship in the classroom in authentic ways?

Recently, I’ve been seeing first hand how the twitter-verse can be used with students in an authentic ways. We can share information, ask questions, and demonstrate our learning with the world!

Sharing blogs and wikis in Saskatchewan and around the world to learn more about digital citizenship? What tools and networks might we use to share and curate resources?

I’ve really been excited to learn about Quad blogging, and I’m hoping to work with different classrooms to utilize this tool next year! The idea of mystery skyping is also an intriguing way to connect with others around the world and I’m looking forward to opportunities to utilize these tools in my teaching next year as an authentic way to model making digital connections with my students.

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