What is it to be a “digital citizen”?

I’ve been working with classes within my school to bring awareness to that question. In agreeing to teach to these students (grade 1-8 so far). I’ve had to ask myself, “what is digital citizenship? How do I make this important to the kids I’m teaching? How do I make my messages clear, without creating fear of the online world?”

I did a lot of research, and I’ve been trying to find answers to all of my questions, but I don’t think I’m done!
The truth is, once I started examining what digital citizenship meant, I began creating subdivisions of things that fall under the umbrella of digital citizenship. (Things like our digital footprints, online safety, etc). I suddenly realized that digital citizenship wasn’t an easily explained topic that could be cased in a one hour session!

I’m a teacher librarian, in an elementary school, so there are time restrictions with everything, I was left with one to two hours for the classes that ventured in. Because of these constraints, I felt it was important to give something tangible for students to use and refer back to. I created a page on my school wiki in order to try and share information with students. I admit that it’s in need of downsizing and organization. I’ve got almost any resource I’ve located on this page, (it’s going to undergo some re-organization this summer) but I thought maybe if I put it “out there” someone might have some great suggestions or resources for me to add to the work in progress-so
Check it out and let me know what you think!

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