Week ? -how did that happen?!

So here I am first year teacher trying to reflect on what I’m doing and how its going.  Tho be more accurate, I’d say I’ve spent the past couple months trying tko keep my head above water.  I haven’t had any time to reflect, well at least not formally.

I’ve discovered that not only is being a new teacher overwhelming at times, but even more so are the two new roles I took on this year. I’ve had to do a tremendous amount of learning in a very short period of time. I’ve had tho question things I thought I knew and overall I’ve had to come to an understanding of how to communicate to someone and teach them english in ways that are not like teaching my own daughter to speak. That was though because in my schema, I’ve only ever seen language taught to a baby or small child.  I have now come tho the understanding that many of my EAL wstudents have  life experiences that I may not even be able to fathom, and for the sake of my students I need to keep working to find a balance of fun and age appropriate learning for them

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