Gotta Keep Reading

I love this concept of flash dancing, and I love that it’s being used to promote learning and literacy.  I also think this is a great tie in with the Copyleft discussions we have been having.  It was really nice for me to discover that this school had been in contact with the Black Eyed Peas producer in order to receive approval for the alternate lyrics and use of the music.  I think it is wonderful that such a popular band would be willing to give the rights for their music to this school.

I also think that the message that this school, teachers and students are sending is a great one!  I really hope that people saw this and really are encouraged to read.  Plus the song is catchy, so it’s really relevant to students!

One thought on “Gotta Keep Reading

  1. Reading has always been a big part of my life and it is sad to hear people say that they do not enjoy reading and they find it boring. The song speaks not of one type of book, but of the many different kinds of books. I do hope that people see this video and decide to read a book, especially the people that had enver thought of reading as an enjoyable activity.

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