Autism in Regina

Global Regina \”Andy\’s Autism\”

This week, as I was watching the news, I watched a story about a family whose son was diagnosed with Autism.  The child’s name is Andy and the report was focused on the lack of funding for families that are dealing with Autism.  I think this was a very important story to educate people that are unaware of the disorder as well as the lack of funding.  I currently work for the Autism Resource Center in Regina, and I work with a client weekly.  Most people that do receive funding and programming, are only allotted 3 hours a week.  The more time someone is exposed to programming, the more success they will have (in my opinion), and I don’t think 3 hours is nearly enough.

One of the most important things mentioned in the story was that early intervention is key.  Because of the lack of funding, Andy’s parents are racking up copious amount of debt to give Andy an opportunity for skill building.  I am floored that our government is not doing more to help people with Autism as well as their families.

If research shows that early intervention is key, then I believe the government should be putting more funding towards programming and allow families to receive funding for additional resources such as programming and respite.

To watch the remainder of the story click here for part 2 and here for part 3

3 thoughts on “Autism in Regina

  1. Hi Amy.

    Thanks so much for this post. I did not know that there is a lack of support for parents who have children with Autism. I think it is very important as a future teach to know what resources we have for these students and if there is a lack of support how do we deal with it?

    I hope that the government realizes that it is a need for parents and teachers.

  2. I used to work one-on-one with a boy with autism and I know first hand the importance of quality time and early intervention. I actually watched a doccumentary about autism. In the documentary, they followed I think 4 boys who had a network of support (Speech Pathologists etc.) from approiamtely age 2-6ish. By the time these boys were in grade 3 they were fully functioning children with no differeniating behaviours. Essentially, the brain can be completely rewired when we are young. This why early intervention in all physical, mental and social problems should be at the forefront of all government funding. Also, just so you know, if you have a child with autism, you may want to move to Calgary as they have the largest support networks there and a lot of funding and professionals available.

  3. I agree Amy, a lack of funding can have such a detrimental impact on families that need support. There is such an incredibly complex network of needs that the government has to choose how/whether to fund, but it definitely makes me cringe when I see the government spend billions of dollars on advertising, Olympic bravado, and other such front-runner projects, and then claim there can’t be enough funding to provide greater support to students and families that have exceptional needs. Yikes!

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