Who knew that Copyright was initially developed to inspire creation?  What point in society did we become so consumed with making money and fame instead of sharing our passions and talents?  When did connections that we have made in our minds become intellectual property that others are able to sue you for?

I think that our society is built upon the sharing of knowledge.  What would we teach in schools if it hadn’t been discovered by someone in our history?  Someone discovered addition and subtraction, and that is something that is perpetuated every day.

I have recently heard a story of a person that worked for a company and moved on to another company.  This person had taken some classes that were paid for by the former company.  She is paying her former company back for the schooling.  This persons former boss is now suing her for  intellectual property.  WHAT?!?!   This is the most ridiculous things that I have ever heard.  I think if the employer wanted that intellectual property he should have taken the classes.

How can we claim knowledge that is formed in someone else’s mind?  Each individual’s knowledge is going to have a different understanding based on who the person is.  Therefore the understanding in each individuals mind (or their knowledge) is completely unique.  I don’t think that anyone has the right to deny that knowledge or understanding, nor should they have the right to deny the expression of that knowledge.

One thought on “Copyleft?

  1. I had no idea that copyright was established to promote creativity. I thought it was create to discourage downloading. I think our society is getting money hungry by suing people for a million dollars after for only downloading a dozen songs. I think sharing is a healthy thing to do, I mean our teachers and parents always taught us to share. Although now, it is now referred to as copyright and suing is a possibility. Sharing is apart of our life and sharing our various form of creativity is a way of expression. People should feel confident and proud when people download their music or pictures because it shows that others really like it. Good post Amy, the story you tell about the individual switching companies is crazy. I cannot believe that people are willing to go through all this mess for money.

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