Reading week overload!

I had always imagined my ‘final’ reading week to be a carefree experience and I would be somewhere hot, like Mexico, at an all inclusive resort with my family.  But life happens so instead  I have been a hermit, trying to make headway on my assignments, buried under work for almost a week!

I have gotten some things done, but I have been spending a lot of my time on Twitter, and other websites, sifting through a ton of resources!  I’ve found help in Twitter because I have been able to look for opinions from other teachers about things like different blogging sites, as well as digital storytelling sites.

I have added many things to my wiki, but I don’t think I am anywhere near done!  I know I will never be able to exhaust all resources, and that is what makes this so difficult!  I’m trying to incorporate things that I really feel will be useful to other teachers.  I don’t want to fill my wiki with fluff so I am playing with many resources to see if there is merit to them!

I have decided to take a break from that assignment for a while, and I am now going to begin working on my blog-folio.  I have to laugh at myself because by no means am I a procrastinator, but when I am really worried about “getting something right” or producing my absolute best work, I always put it off.  I guess I stay in the “pre-writing stage” for as long as possible to plan!  I just hope that I am able to produce something that will help me to stand out!

One thought on “Reading week overload!

  1. I totally understand. I too found myself a hermit, pretending to deal with the homework that has thus been piling up around me.
    I wish I could have spent the holiday in some warm place like so many of my classmate. Fear not dear classmate, you were not alone in your hermitage.
    I must say though, you have me beat, it sounds like you got lots done.

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