Tech task # 4 – My Digital story

I never realized how many tools are available to people to create videos!  The possibilities for digital storytelling are endless.  It literally took me a long time to figure out which program to use.

I have used a program called My Story Maker before, which involves creating a storybook.  There are animations that can be manipulated.  I really enjoyed that program, but I wanted to try something new.

I signed up for a Blabberize account and played around for a while, but I found some challenges with adding a voice to my character.  However, I see potential to use this within a classroom, if I have the proper equipment.  I think it would be a great program to use to bring a “guest speaker” into the classroom.  So I am going to continue working with it to find all of its functions and capabilities.

The program I decided to play with this time, was animoto.  I really enjoyed using this and it was really easy to maneuver.  What I liked about this is that I can use this as a ‘tool’ for my professional side (eventually).  I see possibilities to use this to demonstrate my abilities as a teacher.  I can tell my story through photography.  I think I will use this again to help illustrate my teaching philosophy in my blog-folio.

Without further ado… my digital story:

3 thoughts on “Tech task # 4 – My Digital story

  1. Good for you to experiment with one tool, see it’s potential benefits, and go ahead to another tool to continue learning. Even better that you enjoyed the whole experience, students in your class will be lucky.

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