Opening my eyes to Technology

On the first day of class, I recall saying that I was confident in my knowledge of technology.  After just two classes, I feel like I’m new to the computer world!  There are so many wonderful things to utilize on the internet, and things that can enrich student’s education.

Honestly, I have never before seen the value in a tool like Twitter – I knew it existed but I had never heard of it being used as a resource among educators.  For me, that is invaluable it an easy way to have ideas shared worldwide.  I know it cheesy, but when you think of the possibilities, they are endless.

This class has helped to give me ideas for things I can use within the classroom, but also within my own life to make things easier.  I hadn’t even explored the possibilities of Google and now I’m telling my husband to get an account to we can update Google calendar and always know what our family has on the go.

I have begun to think about my final project and think about the benefits of being able to utilize a ‘global community’ in my classroom.  While I’m not sure what the project will look like yet; I really want to find and use tools that can help my students to make meaningful global connections.

One thought on “Opening my eyes to Technology

  1. I know twitter, something so talked about and I really had not idea what it was about. The music teacher at my school tried to get me on twitter and I was like no way, but now I wished I would have I could have had way more help during my internship. There is so much you can learn and you never have to feel alone which is amazing. Go Twitter!

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