Dr. Michael Wesch’s lecture

I decided to watch Dr. Wesch’s lecture through the live video to try it out 🙂

There were two things that really stuck out for me during his talk.  The first thing that really struck me was the video that he showed that  students created A Vision of Students today. That really struck me because I have seen it before.  I have made a connection to that video.  Hearing him speak about how they posted these questions and over 400 students edited the content was truly amazing to me.  I believe the video has had a tremendous impact on many people and it is an example of how connected we can be in a “technology community”.  It is very interesting to me that students are empowered because of the internet and technology and their voices can be heard.

The second thing that Dr. Wesch said that resonated with me was while he was discussing rubrics in his University classrooms.  Especially since I have had the hands on experience with using a Rubric in the classroom, I really like using it as a tool to help students have a say in what they learn or how they show it.  He also said that he goes into the class with a general outline in mind.  I totally agree with that, I feel that as an educator you need to have a plan or outline of what you would like to see accomplished from your project/assignment/etc.  but when you empower your students and give them choices and freedoms I think it helps them to take ownership of projects.  I hate restricting students creativity, and therefore I hate telling them this is the project you have to do and it will be in this format, I think the use of rubrics really allows students to open up and express themselves and their knowledge with parameters that they have helped to construct.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Michael Wesch’s lecture

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog! I agree with you and also think that when beginning a new unit of study or class it is essential to have a general outline in your mind as to assessing student’s learning, but letting the students have input and guide the learning is also a huge benefit. I can relate to what you are saying about restricting students creativity, because I also felt that while teaching a Five Senses unit in grade one during internship. I had my assessment plans all laid out previously, but as the learning was taking place and students were engaged in new discoveries I did not end up following my plans as laid out. I think that as teachers we need to go in open-minded, flexible and willing to let students take part in developing meaningful assessment.

  2. It is absolutely amazing the influence that youtube has on society. I think the biggest attraction to it for me is that it enables everyday people who have opinions and things they would like to say to share it with whoever cares to listen. There are however many different categories of “genres” on youtube. What I appreciate the most is that it is easy to find a video clip to use in your classroom that explains a concept in a concrete way. Its like a virtual field trip. My students learned all the parts of a hydro dam through a combination of digital graphics and video of the actual dam itself. There are definitely some phenomenal teaching materials out there.

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